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Negotiations Skills Training

With over thirty years of proven industry experience, the Negotiations Skills Training Institute of America LLC is the recognized leader in negotiations skills training, negotiation techniques, negotiations training and negotiations performance coaching.


Negotiations Training

Through public open enrollment negotiation seminars or a private on-site negotiation workshop, we have helped leading corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies improve their ability to negotiate better outcomes for their constituencies. First-time negotiators as well as those with the greatest competitive drive and amount of first-hand experience and negotiations wisdom can benefit from our time-tested seminars. Whether focusing on negotiation seminar contract skills with a vendor or jumping in to the often-stressful car buying process to deal with a dealership, our negotiation seminars provide useful negotiations skills, proven negotiation workshop techniques and various classroom role plays to help you become more aware of negotiations skills that you must face on a daily basis.

Negotiation Skills

Many of our most popular negotiations skills seminars focus on multiple facets of negotiation techniques to provide a truly holistic view on how to negotiate more effectively. Even the most hesitant negotiators can benefit from our unique negotiation techniques. Over time, many of us develop bad negotiating skills habits that impede our ability to succeed when dealing with others, whether negotiating a technology agreement with a software vendor, trying to put in place the final details on a critical end of the quarter sales negotiation with a new Japanese client or simply hashing our a request for resources with a colleague during an internal negotiations situation. We teach negotiating skills that will lead to the highest probability of success that help professionals get negotiations techniques started on the right foot and enable them to keep them flowing, even when unexpected conflict threatens to derail negotiations. With these improved negotiating skills, participants can focus on aiming high during negotiation seminars while not having to worry about common dirty tricks like "the moral appeal" that are so often used by dishonest negotiators.

International Negotiations

Those who must deal with specialized negotiations skills training such as international discussions with Chinese for a new manufacturing plant, with Mexican businessmen to establish a partnership, with Indian counterparts to open up a new call center or prolonged negotiations designed to establish strong vendor relationships can also benefit. Our thirty plus years of experience has allowed us to touch on multiple situations in nearly every industry imaginable.
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Win-Win Negotiations Training

In our hands-on hard hitting Win-Win Negotiations training seminars participants learn through practice exercises how to strengthen their negotiation skills

Negotiating Contracts Seminar

Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing Agreements provides a specific learning environment designed to enable participants to learn in a manner that increases skills transfer and immediate application of knowledge.

Essential Negotiations Skills

Our Essential Negotiations Skills workshop provides participants with a comprehensive set of tools and skills that apply to the real-world negotiations they face on a daily basis.

Negotiation Techniques for Sales

Sales Techniques in Negotiation seminar is a two-day seminar which focuses on the need for developing and strengthening the sales negotiation skills of your salespeople

Customer Feedback

"The Instructor was fantastic. I've lost count of the number of training courses I've sat in over the last 5 years at Technip. This would be in my top 2. I will recommend to all. "
David Yousefi
Subsea Installation Engineer
Houston, Texas
"Enjoyed the negotiations class. Learned a lot. Made me aware of all the nuances that may affect a negotiation session"

Jacquie Cogliano
Manager, Administration
Houston Texas
"Great 2 day training class! Lots of great information I can start using right away in business negotiations."

Molly Hinchey
Sr. Manager
Santa Monica, California