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With over twenty-five years of proven industry experience, the Negotiations Training Institute of America is the recognized leader in negotiations training, consulting and performance coaching. Through public open enrollment seminars and private on-session training sessions, we have helped leading corporations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies improve their ability to negotiate better outcomes for their constituencies. First-time negotiators as well as those with the greatest competitive drive and amount of first-hand experience and negotiations wisdom can benefit from our time-tested workshops. Whether focusing on negotiating a contract with a vendor or jumping in to the often-stressful car buying process to deal with a dealership, our courses provide useful skills, proven techniques and various classroom role plays to help you become more aware of negotiations that you must face on a daily basis.

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Negotiations Training

Flip Flopping Negotiators
Neutralizing Tactics: Reversal

Some people just can't seem to make up their minds. They agree to one item one day and then apparently change their mind as soon as the wind blows. Others are all too sure what they want to get out of a negotiation. They simply enjoy setting up the other party by pretending to agree to one term and then dropping the anvil on them just as a negotiation is starting to wrap up. These people know how to ruffle feathers.

Wayne: "Well, it looks like we could wait for the 15th to receive the shipment but we won't be able to pay the price that we had decided. I can't agree to both."

Doug: "I don't understand... the shipping date was never an issue. Why is the price now an issue if we never discussed shipping dates as being a priority?"

If this isn't one of the most frustrating negotiating tactics, then we don't know what is. Many a negotiator has found themselves wanting to put their head through a wall when the other party won't stick to their original agreement. Just when they thought everything was settled, the other party flip-flops their original position.

To deal with this situation and neutralize this tactic, you have to determine whether the other party is just trying to pull a fast one on you or is serious in their reversal. It very well could be that certain factors or changed circumstances have led them to reverse the original agreement. Focus on questioning the other side to uncover their rationale. If it is a true issue, understand how you can work with them to hammer out a new deal that both of you will decide is worthwhile.

You should also expend some effort determining if they will back off of their reversal and follow-through with their agreement. If they won't budge from their reversal, ask for a concession. Given that they suddenly want you to make a concessions, you should ask for one in return.

Wayne: "Well, the shipping is an issue. What can you do about the price?"

Doug: "Can you help me understand why the shipping is an issue for your company? If it is such a concern, maybe we can restructure the entire deal but I would need the order size to change accordingly."

At this point, some negotiators will realize that you're not willing to roll over to get their business. Given that they were using a dishonest tactic, they may very well decide to play ball. Others will have legitimate issues that need to be addressed. In those cases, work diligently with the other party. Somewhere, somehow, you'll be able to find a solution that will work out for both of you. If you're dealing with an honest individual who is truly in a bind, you'll build "brownie points" and strengthen your relationship. This will pay off in the long-term.

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Negotiation Training